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Cement Batching Plant Coming Soon

Cement Batching Plant Marcellin Aggregate General Santos City (GENSAN)

Cement Batching Plant

Marcellin Aggregate is always actively working to expand the services that we offer to our clients. We are currently working on the construction of a new cement batching plant. The plant will be located at Brgy. Sinawal, at General Santos City, we are hoping to have it in operation by the beginning of September 2018. The purpose of the new plant is two-fold, to supply ready mix cement for projects we procure with our sister company Marcellin Rentals. Also to provide contractors and individuals with a local source to order ready mix cement for their own projects.

High Quality, High Strength

Our cement batching plant will produce engineered, high quality, high strength ready mix cement using the highest industry standards. Formulated with top ingredients including, portland, aggregate and admixtures. The aggregate will be sourced from our quarry site located at Maribulan, Sarangani Province. Each batch of ready mix cement is engineered to the specifications of the customer. It is delivered to the customer in a plastic state.

Ready Mix Cement Batching Plant Marcellin Aggregate General Santos City (GENSAN)

Multiple Advantages

Ready mixed cement is advantageous when pouring smaller quantities of cement or when intermittent pouring of cement is required. Ready mixed cement is also perfect for larger jobs where there is insufficient space for a temporary cement batching plant and the storage of aggregate.

If your company has been looking for a source for high quality ready mix cement, don’t hesitate to make an inquiry . We can mix it to your specifications or to ours. We would love to partner with you in your next project, give us a call today. If you would like to stay updated on new products and services, please join our mailing list at the bottom of the page. If you would like to determine the cubic meters for your next job, visit our volume calculator page.

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